These daily Lenten devotions are written by Paul H. Lang and are organized generally around the spiritual discipline of pilgrimage.  Many of the devotions reflect on a line or a theme in the Pilgrim's Prayer which is given below in its entirety and which is part of the adult faith-formation ministry The Pilgrimage. This new and exciting ministry is being developed in a number of congregations in the US.  For more information about the ministry go to:  The Pilgrimage.  — PHL

A Pilgrim Prayer

Lead me, Lord,

gently, pervasively, irresistibly, increasingly,

so that I walk my pilgrim way steadily,

and find the place of my resurrection.

Lead me, Lord,

so that I neither dally nor disobey,

nor turn aside, nor stand still, nor

stumble, nor turn back in loyalty

to old gods who will not bless me.

Lead me, Lord,

as a felt Presence,

as a constant companion,

as a counselor in perplexity,

as my first, fast, last friend.

Lead me, Lord,

by the restlessness of spiritual longing

by the hope of finding my true home,

by the yearning of a hungry heart.

Lead me, Lord,

by grace to gratitude,

by gratitude to generosity of spirit,

by generosity to mercy,

that I may cultivate a compassionate heart.

Lead me, Lord,

through your loving embrace,

so that I do not forget or fall away,

but remain steadfast and loyal,

joyful and true on my journey with you.